3 Laminar Flow Operation Theatre

Laminar flow theatres aim to reduce the number of infective organisms in the theatre air by generating a continuous flow of bacteria free air. ... In horizontal Laminar flow systems, high efficiency particulate air filters are installed on the totality or part of one of the operating theatre walls
Laminar air flow in the operating room. Surgical site infection (SSI), a leading complication of surgery, is particularly devastating and expensive to treat when it occurs in orthopaedic implant surgery. ... Based on this, some authors have disputed the results of studies showing laminar flow efficacy.
The operation theatre has to be with clean air for operation, like orthopedic surgery, to avoid, infections of operation wounds which may be fatal in certain cases, involving lots of legal complication these days. To keep the air clean of dust, fungus, microorganisms, filtration is the only system available.